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We have some fantastic news Great Grub fans! On Tuesday 7th July, we will be doing a tasting session at Sainsbury’s Fenchurch Street store between 12 and 2. Come and say hi and try our delicious Charcoal Chicken wraps for FREE!

Great Grub’s wraps are now available in Sainsbury’s central London stores and our fantastic range will consist of Chicken Charcoal, Chicken Korma, Korma Daal and Chicken Kofta wrap. What’s more, the tasty wraps offer fantastic value for money priced at £2.80 or £3 when purchased as a part of a meal deal.

The unique range of fresh wraps, inspired by street food recipes and strong cultural routes, brings authentic and exotic flavours to the everyday consumer. The wraps are extremely healthy, with more protein, less carbs and lower fat than the majority of products on the market.

All of the wraps range from 280- 315 calories per pack, use Halal chicken and are made to our own unique recipes using the very finest of fresh ingredients, making them suitable for consumers from all backgrounds who are looking for a fantastic eating experience, whilst on the go.